Friday, October 06, 2006

American Programs or American Programming

Coming of age I went through times where era's of music genres came and passed. I saw the development of Rap and Hip Pop music and the impact it has had like so many other genres before it.

What stands out among them and is relative to them all are the claims of social impact they have on our society and children alike. Much blame is given by way of such impact and is held in relation to crimes and immoral acts that occur in our world today.

Coming of age I also noted a change in style for the formatting and content in television programs. Many early adopters of sitcoms remember embedded messages and lessons of moral integrity while being entertained with a comical side story or element. Shows like Growing Pains. Family Ties, Different Strokes, and The Cosby Show were all of this type and nature.

Now however we have little more than memories and a few select reruns to remind us of this time and age in programming. Reality shows offer little if any enlightenment other than what entertainment value they hold for some.

A subscriber today of any cable/satellite programming will find an extensive and exhaustive list of available news channels. These news channels all having a spin or point of view for the material they present.

Now with this I bring forth something to ponder. Why so many spins....why so little information? Depending on the subject matter and source providing information/validation we are given but fragments for which to conclude our own opinions or share the one provided us.

In matters of government involvement could it be that current and developing matters can not be addressed for security and safety issues? Or could it be that an informed America could be dangerous to a government of questionable actions? Are we told only what a majority feel we should hear?

You see, taking the fact that a spin/point of view will be directed differently from each news group and the information be fragmented by either source or news team, we have to wonder if we are being programmed by all or any of these providers or perhaps the government itself.

Yes, this seems far fetched for many but why not take a page from history and use the elements that propelled many television shows into the national spotlight. Many will claim just like rap music's impact that the news showing of school shootings and related events only promotes ideas and how to's for the sick and demented.

I say too, that it be easily so for the acceptance of politics and decisions concerning government ethics to be used in this fashion. It interest me greatly that we thirst for change, sour of either political parties view, and yet wont elect an independent into any high branch of government office.

Do we not desire for a difference and what many perceive to be a "one of us" to become part of the political stage? Sure the independents can be mere Republicans or Democrats in disguise or even work for either party to foil and steal votes from the other. We could not do much less harm by electing them than we have by electing the unacceptable officials we have today.

This sets the stage for questioning whether an independent possesses the aptitude and understanding required in the political arena. I have to question however, do any of our current politicians have an aptitude or understanding for the position in which they hold and the matters in which they address.

Back to American programming however, we are now infused with and limited to the taking in of
a particular point of view. Yes the news has existed for ever and been presented us, but not in such a manner or with such over abundance. It is because of this, that I feel an uninformed America is better than an ill-informed America.

I believe we need decrease the media impact of today and return or re-implement what once was. Why has the entertainment and programming value there of changed so much? Is it fair to say the distribution of old would not work today? Sure I agree we can't air the same shows from years ago and expect acceptance or popularity, but we could infuse the ingredients form which made them successful into fresh and new ideas.

Then could be a question of American Programs or American Programming?

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Lack Of Communication In An Information Rich World

In a world filled with media and opinions filling the smallest of voids we find ourselves distant from one another perhaps on the premise of lack of communication. Now, one will ponder and question how such could be when social websites such as the infamous receive such recognition and popularity.

We also live in a world-wide-web of blogs and video submission sites like So how can I conceive the idea that we as a people suffer social demise by lack of communication. Simple, it is because of content. The content we share is not communication that promotes open-ended correspondence. The material shared is more informative and opinionated than debatable if even note worthy at all.

We are taking in the equivalent to "talking about the weather" and proceeding to indulge in such large amounts of useless information that we tire of everyday small talk. We care little about establishing relationships that offer no reward or blessing in the visible future. Social environments exist by choice rather than by chance and are usually more private than public.

Neighbors are no longer friends or even acquaintances and coworkers are more like life partners. We have more interaction with these coworkers than we do our families. Perhaps there is an argument to be had that this is because the amount of time spent with each, but I believe that it is more an issue of the quality of the time spent with each.

It is not unusual for coworkers to know about events that impact us negatively and the personal family left in the dark and not informed. We also choose to socialize with strangers from afar over the web more readily than a local stranger from our own hometowns. Again, perhaps debatable for many reasons.

Rather than provide hollow answers and reasoning for our social actions and etiquette let us ask ourselves why we choose to change the social elements and style when they were useful and sufficient from years past. Sure we have to adapt and possibly conform to the ever changing and newly introduced ways to communicate, but the way we interact should fundamentally remain the same.

I use to hear jokes from time to time at work and there were a few that relished much enjoyment daily from being comical, but I also took part in many conversations of interest and of varied topics. Compare this however to communication in email where I will find 80-90% of personal emails to be jokes/comical material or threads/chain letters.

This could quite possibly be an element to the dumbing down of American society. We miss out on the opportunities to engage in worthy communication where we walk away with more value than that of a moments laugh or smile.

Of course this is not a problem of new and for that reason we have much information to debate and speculate on. One of personal note for me being the rising population of socially inept individuals. I believe one can determine an impact has been made by the lack of communication and/or the quality of content exchanged among one another.

Is it amazing or ironical that we are declining both intellectually and socially in an information rich world? You decide.

Fact Or Religion

This posting focuses on the growing influence of politics in churches and the disruption of religion by such.

In recent years we are all very aware of the world events that have shaped our world with an impact never presented or experienced with such magnitude. These events spawned national debates of security, law/enforcement, and many politically related issues.

The events have taken toll on our lives in such a personal manner as to find themselves as the basis for discussion led in our Churches. This presents a troubling and offsetting invite of politics into the religious arena.

Politics and the views there of are debatable and argued by those with afflicting opinions much like that of religion. When such topics intertwine much confusion exudes and answers sought are distorted by the wealth of difference of opinion.

We as a people are complex in diversity when spoken of by our various views,outlooks, and opinions. In light of such notion we can develop the outline and structure of our Church system and the small populations there of.

We seek a Church in reference to a home or place with an ideal comfort where the parties that attend share a synonymous or similar view on if but one topic. When we bring forth discussion of worldly events and there social and economic impact by way of political rather than religious outlook we set our selves up for failure as a commune.

I speak more directly of politics in relation to current events as I have witnessed this to be most impacting although any political views are detrimental to religious success. It is obvious or should be obvious to those who share the same ideal from a religious aspect that we will differ when we extend into other outlooks of life and culture. This being said, a harmonious and structured event of worship should be left to the confines of pure religion and the Word there of.

Politics is more fore-front today than any religious opinion or view and we are consumed by the partaking of politics by government and media alike. We thirst for a change of pace and style but seek no refuge by way of religion. We hunger for a day of old that was halted by non-religious events but seek them out with political agendas.

We fail ourselves by being thrust into the depths of our own minds with thoughts non-relating to the values , principles, or foundation provided us. Unity is, was, and can be again when we can find common ground in the desire for such and agree to disagree without protest of the later.

Our government will fail us from time to time and our governed laws will hinder the growth we seek. We have but one way of overcoming a near extinction as a people with a common goal and a life sought out in the pursuit of happiness. This my friends is to let our political views and worldly opinions remain in the arena for which they belong and to promote the influence of what once developed this fine nation.

This posting is but of my own view and opinion and is presented in no manner equivalent to political view. My statements andthe information provided here in are neither fact or religion.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Society's Circle

I have often heard the phrase "history repeats itself" from people who believe in such a theory. I however, can only scoff at such an oversight of the truth that surrounds us.

History like everything else does not repeat itself but rather comes full circle. I use this particular lead in for the presentation of my personal outlook, opinion, and view on the initial concept of a righteous and functional society gone array.

Our nation's integrity founded upon ideas of perfection and presented in documents conceived by our fore fathers "politicians" was intricately placed with the popular perception, that when treated with respect for humanity and fulfilled by those who desire progression, could withstand the immoral separation and decline of a people whose hopes and dreams were so deeply shared.

These fore fathers, "politicians" provided a foundation of brilliance and a perception of enduring freedom to come and behold. The world was transformed by a nation of opportunity that came of those whom of which desired to create something out of nothing at all.

Today we see not the repetitious events some had forecast, determined, or predicted but rather the circle become whole. This is where the beginning becomes the end and the end becomes the beginning. It is understandable in such explanation why many would describe this as a pattern of repetition all be it wrong in perception.

What we have is a world entangled in politics and political events. What was once divided and kept separate has become engrossed in outlooks and ideas of an evolved, and ever complicated world made up of many different societies. The problem with the ideas and outlooks circulating are that they come from an under-educated and ill-informed group of individuals that care little about maintaining the principles for which we stand and who have no aptitude for determining or hypothesising what will be best for the world of tomorrow.

Politics have become religion and religion has become politics. We as a public diverse in makeup and derived of many nations are now embedded in not only the current events of the world but the politics surrounding them. We are cast into the political arena even as mere citizens when the news programs broadcast on television, Internet websites, and print are contrived of nothing more than the debate of one party's explanation for the world's events.

Politics have easily shown growth yet separation from religion. This separation and the demise of religion or inclusion of politics is what has and will continue to divide this nation. Times of being able to agree to disagree have become non-existent as the political arena now shows us that one side must prevail and then be dominant providing little hope for balance.

We misconceive the notion of our duty to challenge our government's decisions as being a time to trample upon a falter presented by any means even of natural occurrence. We regard one another as neighbor only verbally as we analyze the differences of outlook between us internally and hold contempt for those whose opinions vary.

Politics cannot replace or become religion especially with the limited number of parties in which to divide the masses. Too many liberals have the stage to invoke their opinions and perception on the world and more importantly nation. Too many ears are listening to half the message, a biased statement/point of view, or even an ill-informed provider of news. This gossip should not be held as doctrine.

So what once was a nation provided documents for success by politicians "fore fathers", has become a nation in demise by the very basis from which it was conceived! Much irony exists in light of our circumstances but make no mistake history is being written with fresh ink.

Many believe we will perish by way of war which will be brought forth from the clash of political views. The divulging of politics and our individual and divided stance will open the door for defeat as a nation and then as a world. This a world of which religion has been driven from and one of which two utmost political agendas will collide!

The end provided by way of religion the journey led by way of politics!